Indian artifact doll that is unattractive with the quote "Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart."What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Do you see a beautiful confident women staring back at you?  Do you smile when you look in the mirror, or do you frown focusing on what you perceive as your flaws?

I spent my weekend at a Mom blog conference.  It was empowering to see a group of intelligent women come together that are all leaving their mark on the world.  These women inspired me.  They were very welcoming and confident.  It was amazing how they and threw around genuine compliments like it was confetti.

First a disclaimer:  I am not getting paid to write this.  Dove has not asked me to write this or promote them.  It just so happens that they do a TON of work that I believe in.

Dove was one of the multiple sponsors for the event I attended.  I have seen their advertising campaigns previously as they tackle a very tough subject.  Basically they are trying to change the perception of beauty.  If you have not seen some of their work, here is a link for you to take a look at:

If you have a daughter.  Watch this with them.  Start the conversation about how they feel about themselves and their bodies.  We need to be the ones that tell our daughters what real beauty is.  Television and magazines are giving them unrealistic images that they feel they have to live up to.  If it isn’t discussed, if you don’t point out to them what makes them beautiful how will they ever know.

If you have a son.  Watch this with them.  They too are seeing the unrealistic images of beauty.  A real man knows to appreciate a woman for far more than her physical appearance.  If you don’t discuss it with them they are going to let the magazine pictures steer them into thinking what is beautiful.

Beauty is strength.  Strong minds that can change the world we live in.  Strong bodies that are healthy and capable of amazing things.  Beauty is what makes us unique and fun.  Beauty is your inner light that lives in your heart.

As adults we are the role models for children.  If we continually talk about needing to diet or frown when we look in the mirror, your kids will too.  You taught them to.  If you tell your daughter how “pretty” they are be careful that you are not emphasizing too much on physical appearance.

Self esteem is something that needs to be fed, daily.  There are going to be so many things and people that tear it down.  My father, thinking that he knew best, would never tell me I was pretty or beautiful as a little girl.  He felt that being humble was very important, he thought that if he told me I was pretty I might think too much of myself.  He is the most loving man on the Earth so it wasn’t that he was being mean, it just wasn’t discussed.  I think he would have been surprised how low my self esteem was.  I know now that he believed in me, but I needed to hear it then.

At the conference, women that I looked up to and admired, showered me with compliments.  I have never experienced something like this before.  I am not talking about the BS remarks that people make to have some small chit chat.  Sincere, genuine remarks that I will carry with me forever.  They raised my self esteem in a way that I have never experienced before.  I want to pay that forward.

I want you to see your beauty. I want you to look in the mirror and smile rather than frown.  I need you to tell your children that they are beautiful.  To embrace who they are and go out into this world and be confident.  We all will be better off for it.

~ Amy Elizabeth

Thanks for reading today!!!  Please go on line and look up the work that Dove is doing with young ladies to boost their self esteem.  It is really amazing.  One other thing – look up how many videos there are on line showing young girls asking the world if they are pretty or not.  These are beautiful girls, it is shocking.  If nothing else please talk to your kids about how they feel about themselves in comparison to their peers.

Have a great day!