Simply put, Momo is a new title for Step Moms.  The most rewarding, heartbreaking, thrilling and powerless title to have in the parenting world.

Step Mom is just plain negative.  Hearing it we can’t help but have our thoughts drift to depictions of the Step Mothers portrayed by cruel villainous types in movies and fairy-tales.  We may have dreamed of being Cinderella, but somehow we have landed the antagonist roll instead.  Being called “Step Mom” leads you down an immediate negative path.

So what should the kids call you?  Your first name?  I am sure it is beautiful, but your names does not command any respect.  Mom?  That name is already taken by the Biological-Mom.  I believe she earned that name.  I think children should only call their Mother, Mom by birthright.

Where did the title Momo come from?  Mojo.  One morning amongst the aroma of waffles and syrup, Mojo started to call me Mom, stumbled, and out popped Momo.  We all looked at each, clinked orange juice glasses, and just like that it was decided that I would be Momo forever.

The title Momo just works, at least it does for my family and I hope it may for yours too.  Together we can lift each other up, push each other forward, and laugh a lot along the way.  Together, We Are Momo, a community of step parents that understand each other’s struggles.

A Momo is the one that generally keeps the family rolling forward in a positive direction with little to zero recognition from the rest of society.  Of course I pray that your individual family recognizes your efforts, but I too salute you.  I feel that Step Mothers should be celebrated.  Confetti, streamers, and marching bands as you walk down Main Street folks.  Don’t you agree?  Come join me on the parade.