All I want for Christmas

If Santa was a magic genie and could grant you your three biggest desires, what would they be?

It is almost as if I write two Christmas lists every year.  The practical list of items that I do need (or want) is never that hard to come up with or long.  However as I hum along with the Christmas carols my mind gets lost in meaning of the season my list starts to change into more personal longings than material ones.  Of course the big beautiful things like world peace is on there as well unrealistic notions such as doughnuts would no longer having any calorie content.  The specifics may vary, but my list can be boiled down to be healthier, be happier, be kinder, and lead by example.    Suddenly a light bulb clicked on in my foggy little brain…I don’t need Santa or a magic lamp – I can do these things all myself.

Then if we can do these things by ourselves why do they end up on a wish list instead of a to do list?  I can tell you why, because these are all things that require daily attention and choices.  We would love to be granted these things, but they could never flow out of a magic wand or a magical sleigh.  These wishes all start with us, they flow out of our hearts.  Being “good” at just about anything takes time, failure, and the tenacity to get back up and try again…and again…and again.  The rewards for your hard work and efforts are waiting for you…but it is up to you to reap them.

Start with your desires list, but complete it with the steps on how are you going to get there.  You want to be thinner – try for healthier – but how are you going to get there?  Walk every day.  Cut out deep fried get the idea.  Now how are you going to actually do those things?  Normally we are on our best behavior for a week or three, but then we fall off the wagon.  I have my phone send me reminders such as – You ROCK because you are going to eat healthy today!  It may sound silly, but it works for me.

The keys to your happier kingdom, something you currently only see in your dreams, is within YOUR reach.  Stop making wishes.  Set some goals and establish how you are going to get there.  If you achieve this years list, just imagine what you could write and accomplish on next years list!

Come dream a little dream with me and tell me what this years desires will be…and how you are going to achieve them!  Leave a comment and let me know ONE thing you are going to set out to make happen. Of course I would love to hear all of them if you want to share…  Love you for reading!!!

~ Amy Elizabeth