Carpe DiemToday, It Is Yours, Take It By Storm!

Be Bold.  Be Brave.  Make Today the day you Start.  What should you start?  Being you of course!

Today should not be filled with your concerns over what someone else might think.  Today should not be filled with worry.  Today should not be constructed out of your plans to make someone else happy.

Today should be filled by you.  What you want to do.  What makes you feel good.  Something selfish, completely selfish.  Do something that will make others envious of you.  You deserve it, you really do.

Being a Step Mom is hard work.  We give a whole lot more than we often receive.  We are the glue that keeps your family and the secondary family together.  We take on everyone else’s problems, make them our own, and try to solve them.

Being a Step Mom we have to be strong.  We are called names.  We are told that we are unliked or unloved by adults and children.  We have to endure the uncomfortable pause when someone asks “Is that your child?” and we answer “Yes, I am their Step Mom.” (to many that is a contradictory sentence)

Being a Step Mom we must be resilient.  Know that Mom may make better spaghetti(per your kids).  Know that Mom sometimes tells the kids what to say.  Know that being a Step Mom automatically gives you an Achilles heal and it will get nipped at often.

I just want to thank you, all of you.  For your passion, your dedication, and your integrity.  Your family wouldn’t be what it is today, if it wasn’t for you.  I want you to know that because you may not hear it from anyone else today.

Go on – take today like it is yours.  Stand taller.  Meet everyone’s gaze straight on.  Walk with confidence.  You are a Step Mom, and that is something to be damn proud of!

~Amy Elizabeth

Seriously.  Eat a double cheeseburger with fries.  Take a bubble bath and lock the door.  Find time to read a book.  EAT CHOCOLATE!!! I don’t care what it is – Just Do It!

I want to hear about it!  Message me below and tell me about it and how good it made you feel!  Join the conversation, I can’t wait to know what you did!