Glass MushroomEasy, Pretty, Perfect – Let’s do this!

Glass CollectionDo you have a cabinet full of this?  People come over with a dish to pass and they forget their bowl.  Your husband is sorry and brings home flowers in a pretty vase…again.  Or Grandma passes and her favorite glass dish, although it is chipped, you can’t through it out.  I have figured out a way to upcycle these babies.  It is Earth day, so lets reduce, reuse, and recycle!  I actually picked up several of these from Goodwill today for $2.99 – $.49.  LOVE that store!

Glass Glue

I am using a multipurpose craft glue, just make sure it says on the tag that it can bond glass to glass.  You put the glue around the edge of the vase you are going to stick onto the bowl.  Flip it around and see if the top or the bottom looks best – My examples are done both ways.

Glass Mushrooms in the garden

Cute little buggers aren’t they!  Let dry according to your glues instructions and you are done.  Super duper easy, good for the earth, and you just made your garden prettier.  Here in the Midwest we need some pretty in our gardens in April.  As you can see my perennials are just starting to wake up and peek up through the soil.

Have fun!

~ Amy Elizabeth

Did you make one or a bunch?  Great for gift giving.  Fantastic easy project to do with a young child.  If you do make one let me know and share a photo with us.  If you enjoyed this or know someone that will, please share it.  Thanks for visiting with me.