fotor_(10)“Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey.  They don’t need to, it’s not for them.”  ~Unknown

Wednesday’s can be ugly, and I’m not “Lion” (get it…it’s a picture of a lion fish that I took at the zoo…sorry for the silly pun, couldn’t resist!)

Why are they ugly?  Because it’s the middle of the week.  Three steps out of whatever drama took place over the weekend, (yet the residual still lingers) and three steps before the next weekend hits which can often stir up some more controversy.

Step Parents have stuff they need to talk about.  Our lives are spent chasing around trying to make other people happy leaving very little room for ourselves.  We are stuck in the middle.  In between a spouse we love, a bio parent that we wish would disappear (sometimes), and the children that rely so heavily on us.

Have you ever tried to discuss your troubles with someone that has not been affected by a divorce?  Maybe your parents?  Mine have been married forever (Congrats Mom & Dad!), so when I try to explain some of my issues to them, they either think I am nuts, or my life is crazy by choice.

Okay – let’s try a friend.  Hopefully you have one that you can completely confide in.  They understand where you are coming from because they have experienced a similar situation, either as a child or they are in the middle of their own mess.  This can be a problem though.  Talking can either flare up feelings around their own issues or rip open old wounds that should have been left mended.  For myself living in a small town,  I have a lot of people that surround me that have never felt the burn of a split family.  It is hard to explain to them all of the different emotions involved, and how careful you have to step to try to keep the balance between two households.

Not everyone understands our journey, but that is okay.  It is yours, you own it, you live it, you deal with the consequences of your choices everyday.  I hope and pray that your journey, where ever it leads, is filled with love.

Thanks for being part of my journey.

~Amy Elizabeth