"Sometimes I just wish that I could fast forward time, just to see if it's all worth it in the end."

Living in a world where everything is so instant, it seems excruciating to watch for the progress of something that could stretch out over years. Fast forwarding time isn’t going to make you see that it is all worth while in the end.  With family, there never really is an end.  You collect the worth in the mini moments of smiles, happiness, and acceptance that you can gather daily along your journey.

Believe that you are making a difference.  Carry the light of knowing that you are doing the right thing in your heart.  As Step Mothers we have an up hill battle, and it takes some very special women to see it through.  You are that person, you can do this, and it is going to be worth it in the end.

Some days you feel like you are walking on the moon.  Others you feel like you fell into a hole that you are never going to dig out of.  The thing is – you are not alone.  There are a lot of us in the same scenario but at different levels through the process.  Some of us are brand new to the game, others are dealing with teenagers, while others are in a stage where all of the children are grown and out of the house.  The fact is no matter where you are in the journey, there are still going to be good days and bad ones.  Family is forever.  The people that live under your roof, even if it is only for a fraction of time, will be in your life until the end in one way or another.

The answer is yes, your struggles are going to be worth it in the end.  Will your dedication reap you a perfect family  filled with love and zero conflict? No.  I don’t think that family exists by the way, conventional or not.  There are always going to be bumps in the road.  However, I have had many adult Step Children reach out to me and ask how they could make it up to their Step Mom.  As adults they see the love and dedication that their Step Mother put out there that they need not appreciate as children.  They had too many other emotions going on that they never realized what a struggle it was for that special women in their lives.

Believe in silver linings in the rain clouds.  They are there, you just need to look for them.

~ Amy Elizabeth

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  • Tracy Wilson

    Love this post… so very true… hanging in there as a step mom to my fiances 7 year old.. In July of next year I will officially be the step mom.. After the last two years of being “the other woman” acceptance has finally kicked in and now things are going much smoother.. plus I make sure to tell my step mom and my step dad on a daily basis how much they mean to me as with being a step mom I realize it’s not that easy of a role to fill… especially if the child is against you… hoping for my relationship with my SD as well as my own step parents stay going the way they are! Thank you again for writing, I love reading before I call it a night after have the little ones down…

    • I am so proud of you for weathering the storm Tracy! It does take time to build a solid relationship when may have you slid into the family a little sideways. I really believe that by listening to how our spouses and children want to be loved we can knock down a lot of walls.

      It is awesome that you have such a healthy relationship with your Step Parents. Their perspective must help you a lot as well as your own by knowing what it is like to be the Step Child.

      Thank you so much for your compliments on my blog! It means a ton to me…At the moment this all is just about my passion and beliefs in getting Step Mom a place to read positive things about the impact they can make on their families rather than the negative stuff that only flames anger…Who knows, maybe I will wrap all of these up into a book somehow 🙂

      Thank YOU for being a great Step Mom and thanks for reading! Keep commenting!!! Hoping this message finds you well…
      ~ Amy Elizabeth