A happy Wife is a happy life, but a happy man is how our love began.

A strong woman lifts her husband up and puts him on a pedestal.  It isn’t hard work and you won’t even break a sweat – I promise!  We fell in love with a guy.  That silly grin, those sparkly eyes, his mind that never quits, or his sense of humor – something or maybe everything got you hooked.  That feeling – the butterflies in my stomach are keeping my feet off the ground feeling is something that should never ever quit – no matter how long you have been together or what you are struggling through.  I just want to toss out a few things that you can do that not only will make you a stronger woman, but it will make you and outstanding wife and Step Mother too!

  1. Pull him up rather than shove him down.  When he comes home at night exhausted from a hard days work, don’t point out all of the things that you still want him to do or dump on him about your own stress.  Ask him what the highlight was in his day.  Be interested in him, his day, his thoughts.
  2. Be his “Movie Star”.  Who is the one woman on the silver screen that he would like to be with?  Once you get past the looks part – pay attention to what kind of rolls she is often cast in.  No matter what I am sure she is someone that he aspires to be with.  She isn’t bitching about her day or the people in it.  Rather she is someone that he would be proud of to be with.  Be the woman that he can be proud to have by his side.
  3. Don’t point out his flaws.  After spending any amount of time with someone you quickly can identify their flaws, they know what they are too.  You don’t need to point them out.  It’s like a rubbing a dogs nose in his own mess.  Pointing them out isn’t going to make them change, supporting them to build areas of weakness will.
  4. Be his partner.   Together you can take on the world and tackle your problems with ease.  So do that.  Don’t separate things by saying that is your problem not mine.  Together you are far more likely to get past hurdles and moving on to happier times.  The more you take the opposite side of something the more separation there will be between you.
  5. Attitude of Gratitude.  Thank him for being a great Dad.  Thank him for picking up his underwear.  Compliment him to his Mother and Father.  Compliment him to your girl friends.  If he is standing next to you while you do it – even better.  Men are FULL of pride, the more you pump him up and remind him just how thankful you are that he is in your life, the better.

We want Men to take care of our hearts.  To be kind and to think of us, but never forget that is exactly what your man wants too – you just won’t hear it from him.

~ Amy Elizabeth

Photo:  Sculpture of a blue glass heart in Delft

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