Accept It

We all struggle differently with being a Step Mom.  For some of us our trials and tribulations are minor, for others you are not so lucky.  Sorry about that…

Someone told me (repeatedly until I listened) worry about the things that you can change, otherwise you are just wasting time.  I try really hard to live my life by this philosophy, and believe that I am happier for it.  Maybe the ex is difficult, maybe the relationship with your Step Children isn’t everything that you would like it to be.  You have been trying to solve the families problems, worrying about your actions and what you say.  Chances are you have driven yourself to tears over all of this many many times.

I have a question for you – Are you doing everything that you possibly could be to be the best Step Mom you can?  Good, I thought so…So then accept the fact that being a Step Mom means that not everything is going to be perfect.  You can’t just love the good bits about being a Step Mom, you have to accept the things that are not so fantastic about it too in order to be a success.

Really – this is how we have to handle most things in life.  Looking in the mirror, my lips could be fuller, my hair could be less unruly, and my skin is not as smooth as porcelain.  I line my lips, use product on my hair, and moisturize my skin morning and night.  The reality is I am doing everything I can to make what I have as good as it can get, (aside from plastic surgery!) and I accept that I am not perfect.  I love me for me, and I love being a Step Mom – although neither thing is perfect…

Thanks for reading!

~ Amy Elizabeth

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