The Story about how this whole thing got started….

First lets start with my fairy tale – not the story book I have written.

Once upon a time, in the heart of the mid-west lived a woman named Amy Elizabeth.  After making her way through the dark forest of divorce she found herself on the edge of a new and promising adventure.  Her heart had been won over by a prince that offered her two very special gifts, his sons.  On the threshold of a new adventure, she could foresee a few of the dangers and turmoils that laid ahead in the shadows.  The adventure was new for everyone, not just for her, but for the children too.  The decision was made that she was going to be the “Step Mom”.  She knew the road to happily ever after as a new family was going to have to be paved with honesty and respect.  In order for these mini men to accept her in their life her role was going to have to be defined, starting with a title.  Step Mother is a mouthful to say and the name has been painted ugly in many fairy tales.  She knew that her boys would never use such a title.  So what should these mini men call her?  We all agreed that they already had a Mom so that name didn’t work.  Her first name didn’t seem right either, she was more than a friend.  It was a problem that needed to be solved, but what was the right answer?  Out of Mojo’s mouth bumbled out the answer.  Trying to catch himself from calling her Mom – the name Momo came out instead.  There it was, the difficult problem that was so perplexing us all was suddenly solved.

That my friends is how this whole thing started.  I have navigated a fairly positive path with my husband, boys, and their Mother.  Of course this was NOT easy and many days I wanted…no I needed some positive support and advice.  I set out to find some and what I found instead was a lot of negativity.  So many people were drowning in their troubles.  Since I couldn’t find the positive supportive place that I was looking for – I created one.  This is how the blog We Are Momo began.


Now for the book –

I also recognized that I was not on this Journey alone, my boys needed some help to.  We worked a lot on communicating what my role was, and that I was not replacing Mom.  That is why I have written this children’s book, What Is A Momo?.  There are numerous books on divorce, but very few about what a Step Mother’s role is in a child’s life, explained at their level – so I wrote one.  I set out to create a lighthearted, beautifully illustrated book that talked to kids about having a new Step Mom.

I invite you to purchase a copy ($6.99 available here on my blog).  Maybe your children are the perfect age for it, or maybe you know someone that is new to the Step Mother role.  Whatever the reason, I really feel that this book has a very special place in the world that is full of broken relationships.  It is a wonderful tool to use to grow closer to your children that you want to open your heart and life to.  Nobody would ever say that being a Step Mom is an easy thing, I just want to give you one more tool that may help you ease into it.

~ Amy Elizabeth

Thank you so much for reading!  So what do your Step Children call you?  There isn’t a wrong answer, I just want to hear yours!  Leave me a comment and let me know.


  • They mostly just call me Kendra… although one of them has asked to call me “something else”… we haven’t come up with that yet and it only comes up every now and again.

    • Well – if it comes up again, Mo Mo works great – at least it does for us. I think it spans most age groups. I know a few other ladies that have teens use this name. What the title is exactly really does not matter, but it is nice to have something else other than a first name.

  • Dana

    She calls me Dana. Occasionally slipping and calling me mom, usually just as the visit begins. We too were trying for something other than step mom and I heard that Amy Grant (I think) calls herself a bonus mom. Less sinister sounding than step mom, but still a mouthful. My question is, do you pronounce momo as Mom-o or Mo-Mo. I like Mo-Mo. 🙂 I’m also a therapist who works mainly with children and teens and have been looking for more supportive co-parenting books and books for children about the new people in their lives and how to help them “fit in” to their already confusing little lives. THank you for this.

    • We pronounce it “Moe Moe”. I like it because it is easy to say, looks similar to Mom when written, but does not sound like it at all. It certainly has worked for us, I even have it on my license plate!

      Dana I dropped your book in the mail today along with a few business cards for you to hand out as you see fit. Also take a look under my tools section of my blog – you will find a few cute things for families to use when struggling with different topics like picking up and doing chores. They are all free to download too! Thank you so much for your purchase and being a terrific Step Mom!

  • Sabrina

    Thank you for this blog!! I’m a children/teen mental health therapist by trade and a “bonus mom” when I get home. My boyfriend has 2 amazing kids who are 5 & 7 and we are so very close. We have them 50% of the time. I like the name “momo!” I have called myself a bonus parent to others but they are young and don’t fully get my role yet (been in their lives for a year and their dads life for 2). They have a nickname for me they created that is sweet and loving but they mostly call me by my first name. What a great idea- momo. 🙂 thank you again for helping us bonus parents out here who often feel like we are on our own island. 🙂

    • Sabrina – I am so glad that you like the nickname Momo. I do not have “formal” training other than life. What I have learned is that a name helps everyone get over and hurdle out of a lot of awkward moments. For instance at school when other children ask who I am…they simply say “Momo”. And it works. Their little friends now holler “Hey Momo” when they see me picking up the boys…we all smile and go on with life. All of the “Yuck” has been removed. It would be a great compliment if you recommended friends, co-workers, or patients to my web address. In fact I could mail you a complimentary book if you would like? Feel free to email me and let me know if you would like one to review and share. 🙂 Have a fantastic evening.

      • Sabrina

        I would gladly refer colleagues and clients of mine to your website- I think it is very helpful to other bonus parents and other momo’s out there who might feel like they are on their own “island” as I call it. It can get very lonely even when my boyfriend is supportive and wonderful- he can’t fully get some of it. Even as a psychotherapist myself- it is different helping others go through it and also going through it myself. I often feel like I’m on an island. So, your website speaks to the island part of me and lets me and others know- we aren’t alone when we feel crazy at times. 🙂 I would love a copy of your book! Thank you again!