Photo collage of an old buffet table converted to extra office storage

I had a problem, so I decided to take matters into my own hands…

My husband always thinks ahead.  I am the lucky girl that he often is thinking about too.  When he built our home he designed a small writing office sitting on the edge of a kettle, which is kind of like a cliff.  The room is a turret that is filled with windows so I can watch all of the nature around me.  It is beautiful and very relaxing.  It does create one problem.  With so many windows I am left with very little room for storage.  I refused to cover up any of my views and every option that I could find in the stores was higher than my window sills.


I was in a furniture consignment store and found an old beat up buffet.  A buffet table normally accompanies a china hutch, but the days are gone when people still did all of that elaborate stuff.  Well for most of us anyway…  This buffet had seen better days, in fact I even know a bit of it’s history.  It used to be in a local restaurant, it was where all of the silverware, water, and tea was served. Due to this the black walnut top was warped and stained.  The restaurant has since closed.  It is a little nostalgic having a piece of it in my home. The time has come for it to be reinvented and re purposed and I had the perfect spot for it.

With a little help from my handy husband and his Dad, they cut the legs off for me.  I sanded it down, gave it two coats of paint in contrasting colors, and roughed it up a bit so you could see the colors peek through.  I had Home Depot cut plywood to size to fit the top, bought foam, and upholstery fabric to create a bench top that I glued on.  Lastly I spray painted the hardware and screwed that back on too.

Completed, it has become the perfect spot for my little men as well as my dogs to sit with me and watch the birds fly by and the flowers grow.

~ Amy Elizabeth

Photos:  These were taken in my garage and office!  Yep, I am the crazy girl that does this type of stuff!

What kind of problem do you have to solve?  Let’s try to come up with the solution together!  Thank you so much for reading!!!