No… I didn’t burn the waffles… Monkey requests them like this.

Date nights are BIG around here, and we try to go on them as often as we can.  One on one time with the kids is so important.  It is when you unlock the treasure box of little gems that only come out in private conversations.

It also is when the kids get to be individuals outside of the family unit.  Normally when picking a movie we have to do something that agrees with everyone.  Both Mr. Magoo and Mojo like the softer side of stories, romance, love, and Horton Hears A Who type of things.  Monkey and I like that too, but also enjoy a little action and Sci-Fi added to the mix.  Tonight Monkey has decided on Robo Cop and is still thinking about where he would like to have dinner.

I will admit that I am steering him a little too.  Mojo is having a sleep over tonight which ends up being a conflict with Monkey.  Monkey struggles with social situations with his severe ADHD.  My breakfast invite was a great distraction to forget about his brother and put himself in the lime light.  I also slipped a reminder in his lunch bag to keep the fun going.

As a Step Mom I cherish these moments with my mini men.  Building on the special bond that we have, a relationship that is different than what anyone else can have with these boys.  We get to giggle and laugh like friends, yet they seek advice and guidance because they know that I will always be honest with them.

So tonight will be filled with dinner, popcorn, and a flick.  Are you going on a date night or do you have one planned?  What are you going to do?

~ Amy Elizabeth