“Be grateful for small things, Big Things, and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.  Count your blessings, not your problems.”    ~Mandy HaleSnowflake

It feels great to vent doesn’t it?  For Step Mothers the best release from a bad day can be grabbing a girlfriend and a glass of wine and letting it all out.  To do this on occasion is healthy, but please don’t let it become a habit.

It is so easy to lose track of our blessings amidst our troubles.   Step Parents often have more troubles due to the nature of our role.  Relationships are strained from day one.  It is up to us to shower our families with love and the extended family with positive respect.  I get it – Bio Parent’s may disrespect us from the beginning by name calling and telling lies.  It is our job to stand strong, to not engage, and be a positive role model for the children involved.

Be grateful for the children in your life and the love you can share with them.  Never lose sight of the small things:  When a child grabs your hand, the sweet unexpected smile, a love filled hug that you so needed when you didn’t even know it.  Celebrate the big things:  Birthdays, anniversaries, and Step Mother’s/Father’s day.   Soak up all of the moments in between as well.

Step Mother’s, lets count our blessings, not our problems.

Amy Elizabeth ~