Sitting on a branchStep Mom’s, we need to believe in ourselves!

I keep a post it note inside of my laptop.  Every time I open it – it says..

Oh Yes……YOU can!

It simply makes me smile.  In a weird way I am often taken off guard by it – I am surprised just how often I need to be reminded that I can accomplish what I put my mind to.  Do you leave silly notes to yourself or is that just a me thing?

Doubt is an ugly thing that can be so defeating.  Once you let it crawl into your day – it is hard to shake.  You start focusing on the gray things in your life.  You let the negative words that surround your situation as Step Mom settle into your bones.

Well Stop It – pretty soon you will be believing all of that nonsense!  And it is all nonsense.

Believe in yourself.  Have faith that you are making the right choices.  Know you are a good person.  Be gentle, stop beating yourself up for mistakes, we all make them.

I want you to take that leap.  Have faith that love and support of your family will always be your safety net if you need it.  If you don’t have confidence in yourself, nobody else is going to be able to instill it in you.

I took a leap when I started this blog.  I tripped on my own doubt and stopped for seven months, what a waste.  A little over a month ago I recommitted myself to making a difference, and started writing again.  I am glad that I did, and I hope you are too.

~Amy Elizabeth

What is something that you need to have more confidence about?  What would you like to do, but never quite accomplish?  How can I support you in making those dreams come true?