Happy Step Mom’s Day!

Today is big…huge…colossal!

How many divorced families do you know?  How many of those families have a “subsequent wife” that struggles with keeping the pieces all together?  Today is the day you should reach out to them and say great job!  We love you!  Thank you!

Please give them a little squeeze from me too.

Schools, Dr. offices, and often family members consider these ladies one “step” away from being a “real” parent which hurts.  We bandage boo boos, kiss away tears, and run a taxi service like the rest of them.  We support our husband’s dreams and stand ready to catch them if they should ever fall.  We deal with the Bio-Mom’s emotions and attempt to keep everyone’s lives moving along as smoothly as possible.

Our Step children come to us as mentors and friends.  We bond with them, talking about friends, school, and sometimes their parents split.  We grow a unique relationship with our children, one filled with trust and confidence.  Children young and old need someone that they can turn to without judgment, an adult that listens; often that role is filled by a Step Mom.

I choose today to start my blog.  I want to get to know you all, support you, laugh and cry with you.  Being a step-parent often makes you feel lonely and kept on the sidelines.  Not anymore ladies!  Together we can all be Momo’s.  We can all learn, grow, and keep it positive.  Please take a little time and review my site, introduce yourself, tell me your story.

Happy Step Mother’s Day to each and every one of you, today is your day, go soak up the love and make the most of it!

With Love,

Amy Elizabeth


Let’s get together and celebrate Step Mom’s Day together every week!  I will be writing as often as I can, but no more than once a week to let you know that I am here for you – you are not alone.  Together we can tackle anything, the skies the limit – who’s with me?  Subscribe TODAY!!!

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