Stop Moms need to leave a trail of glitterI love GLITTER, and all things that SPARKLE!

I have two lamps that have crystals hanging from them.  I love how they cast rainbows all over our family room.  Mojo often sits on the sofa and absentmindedly gently rubs them between his round little fingers.

We all should leave a trail of glitter, or sparkle, or cast rainbows -and teach our Step Children to do so too.  I don’t mean actually throwing fairy dusty in the air everywhere we go, but we should always walk a path that makes others remember us – shine a little bit brighter – stand out.  We then may be able to rub off on others and add a little sunshine to the lives around you.

At the grocery store I love to set up the scenario of who can bank the most smiles.  Monkey vs. Mojo.  Momo is the judge.  The rules are simple – who can make strangers smile by either helping or complimenting them.  No goofy stuff allowed such as silly faces or antics that make others laugh.  It has to be a genuine smile from the heart.  The winners reward?  They get to purchase someone else’s groceries.  (I often have a gift card ready – so at least a portion)

And they are off.  They have to stay within eye site of me so that is just a happy bonus of having the two most well behaved boys in the store.  They run to help ladies to reach something off the top shelf.  They help men find the right soup that they have on their list.  They help the screaming baby calm down with goofy faces – and the MOM smiles – (that does get a point).

When we are at the store – we are leaving a trail of glitter.  It isn’t hard to do, and compliments cost nothing.  The reward could simply be that they get to watch the TV program of their choice.  The point is the boys have learned again and again what the real reward is to being kind to others.  They now practice it all on their own, setting the example for those around them.

~ Amy Elizabeth

Will you keep the glitter circle growing?  What can you do the next time you have your Step Children?  Set a plan, put it in action, and I want to know about the results.  So excited to hear your stories!!!!

Do you have Step Mom friends that could use a little positive energy and interaction?  Spread a little glitter of your own!  Please forward them my site or recommend they check me out on Facebook.  Let’s make our circle grow too!