Spring - Green buds on a magnolia tree focused in front of a city building“She acts like summer and walks like rain.”

I have never had a song written about me….but the idea sure sounds nice.  Train is an AWESOME band…

Spring and I have a love hate relationship.  She is the introduction of summer.  She tells us to close one door and open a new one.  Could whoever in the Midwest that is hanging onto the door let it go so we all could welcome summer???

Spring is a personal love hate for me.  It represents the heart ache of one year ending, and the promised gift of a new one.  I reflect ( a better way of saying dwell) on my mistakes and what I need to change going forward.

Spring around here looks like a widow mourning.  The monotone brown/gray color scheme makes me feel like we are living in some wicked dream as depicted in the movie “What Dreams May Come” – my favorite movie by the way… Yet if you REALLY look, focus on the new bits that are popping forth, you get caught up in the transformation.  The world is changing, it never stops.

I know that January 1 is when the new year is typically looked at, but in reality I think it comes in spring.  It reminds us of our past mistakes, poor choices  that we have made. We need to allow them to melt away with the spring thaw.  It encourages us to let go and to welcome the next chapter in life.  Summer is beautiful, warm and inviting.  It makes us feel like we have shed our mistakes from the previous year.  New seeds have been sown for the upcoming one, change is on the way.

Getting back to Train – The “she acts like summer” bit I am clear on.  She acts like happiness.  “She walks like rain.” I think I am in love with that line even more.  It rained today so I paid attention.  Rain is consistently inconsistent.  Some drops are big, some are small.  Some rains are heavy some are merely a mist.  I would hope that in life I am predictably unpredictable.   I tread lightly, unless I need to pour open on you.

Focusing on the “new” of spring,  what would you want to put behind yourself?  What do you want to focus on this upcoming year?  I want to build better relationships, not just as a Step Mom, but as a person on this planet.  Tell me what your hopes are for this year.  Silly or serious – I can’t wait to hear them all!

~ Amy Elizabeth

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  • Scott

    I have 2 extra tix for you at this years Basilica Block Party featuring the one and only Train… interested?

    • I just looked it up – HELL YA!!!!

      Disclaimer: This man is related to me…so don’t think I am randomly accepting gifts from a stranger…

      Ingrid Michaelson is also one of my favorites!!! We will have to discuss the details…

      Thanks for reading Scott!!!