You can’t really snuggle with out a blanket and a loved one…A blanket made by a loved one is even better…

I have seen a million of these fleece blankets around.  Bundled up babies sit snug in there car seats with them.  Toddlers pull at the ties as they suck their thumbs.  Soccer Mom’s huddled with their teen with them at the game.

I am not one to be part of the masses, but I am starting to feel a little left out…I want to share tonight’s venture with all of you in case you were wondering why everyone has them.  Let me fill you in – because they are so super duper EASY!  Also – a great way to spend an evening when you munchkins are away at the other household…

Step One – drive to a fabric store

Step Two – pick out two types of fleece.  If you fall in love with one – no problem just buy double the material.

Blanket 1

Here are the monkeys I found for…you guessed it..Monkey’s blanket!

Step Three Drive home

Step Four Find a quite space..tough I know, but we all need one.

Blanket 2

Step 5 Stretch out both fabrics on the floor.  Right sides facing out – so what you see is what you are going to get when the blanket is done.

Step 6  Cut 3inch by 3inch squares out of all four corners.  Meaning from the corner point measure out three inches both directions and up 3inches both directions.  Repeat four times

Step 7  Cut 1/2 inch wide strips that are 3 inches long all around the parameter of the blanket.

Step 8  Tie knots attaching the bottom piece of the fleece to the top using the strips you cut all the way around the blanket.

Step 9  ENJOY!

Blanket 3

This one is 9 feet long and the entire thing took about two hours.  Simple people – I am almost embarrassed to post this and feel accomplished – but not quite.  A baby one you could whip out in 45 minutes easy.

Don’t under estimate the power of a good snuggle.  These blankets are going to be a surprise for Monkey and Mojo – I can’t wait to catch a little snuggle time with them this coming weekend!

Let me know if I inspired you to make one.  No sewing required – you can say you made a quilt – very little time requirement – very low skill level required.  Perfect for everyone!!!

~Amy Elizabeth


  • My son has the same monkey fabric blanket with the red backing…not that size, but snuggly nonetheless. #lovemonkeys

  • Isn’t it strange just how small the world is sometimes? I am sure your little snuggle buddy loves his blanket!