Mornings are Momo time. Everyday – I get up at 5:30 or earlier, feed the Motley crew, make my coffee, and let the Crew run out the patio door to do their business.

I have about an hour before anyone else in the house opens their peepers. I relish this time. It is unusual howDSC05477-001 we, as Step-parents, so often feel alone yet this is the time that I gather my sanity…alone. I don’t have to cave to the demands of a Bio Mom, spouse, or child. It is just me – centering on what is important.

Today between the hours of 5:30 and 12noon I was able to plant 4 hydrangea bushes and 36 annuals. My hands are rough and my fingernails are dirty, but my heart is happy. Company is due at 2:00 this afternoon for a cookout and I want everything as perfect as possible – ok…to a fault, but that can be a topic for a different day.

The Momo magic for today…a bright bouquet of PLASTIC flowers by my front door. Tacky? Nope, I would say practical. Every year I have purchased living things only to kill them mid-season by the absent mindedness of not watering them every day throughout the summer. This year I hope to be wiser, to use my time more efficiently, and to utilize the craft aisle of the mega discount store closest to me. Mojo came along on the shopping trip. A huge smile spread across his face as he carried this bouquet through the store. At home Monkey helped me put it all together.

God I love those kids….I am SO blessed!

Amy Elizabeth