Maybe you have a sister that is your best friend, or you have a best friend that you love like a sister.  Either way you are truly blessed…

Sisters are unique and beautiful creatures that we have deep and complex relationships with.  They are the one person that has been through everything that you have.  They are there when everything is falling apart and you don’t have anyone else to turn to. With their understanding love they help you mortar all your crumbling pieces back together.  When your heart is soaring with happiness, they often are the breeze that you are floating on, never jealous to hear about your success, but delighted by it.  A sister is so much more than family, they are a forever friend.

My sister truly is the most special person that I have in my life, aside from Mr.Magoo.  She is the person that I could call in the middle of the night saying “I need you.”  and she would show up without a doubt in my mind.    Tonight I am having a sleep over with her, we live an hour apart so it is easier than cutting our time short.  I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself – I am a total dork I get it.   Through our lives we have drifted apart and come back together, but our love and friendship has never changed.  Lately life has been crazy for both of us, but my heart missed her.  I am so glad that we are both taking time out just to reconnect and enjoy our sisterhood.

I encourage you to reach out to your “sister”, blood related or not , we all have that someone special in our lives.  Of course we all say that over the miles and the minutes apart we still love each other, but never neglect that special person in your life.  You both may need it.  Have you drifted apart because something needs to be forgiven?  Please take a minute and think about is it worth having a bitter heart over or could you reach out with the olive branch of forgiveness?  Time is such a gift.  I couldn’t think of a better person on the face of the Earth than my sister to give it to.

~ Amy Elizabeth

Photo:  I just took some time this morning and thought about the words I would use to describe my sister…

Thank you for reading!  I really hope that this made you think of someone special in your life.  If it did – share it with them.  You will for sure make them smile!!!