I Saw You...

It’s our hearts that choose to be Step Moms.  We start by opening the door to a new world and we see the little faces.  Suddenly we find that we already walked through the door into a new adventure, leaving the world as we know it behind.

It was the day after Thanksgiving six years ago that I saw this little face.  This smile was half hidden behind a doorway that led to the basement of his fathers home.  It was with so much excitement that this mini man welcomed me into his and his brothers lives.  Sure he was ducking behind a door out of embarrassment that his Dad was on a date, but that isn’t the part I remember.  It was the light in his eyes.  It was as if he already knew that we were embarking on a wonderful adventure.

Of course my Mr. Magoo had a lot to do with it, he told me that he loved me on our first date and I was swept off my feet.  It is the children in our lives that give us our title.  The kids, no matter their age, have someone new in their lives to love them.  Trust is what has to develop to make that relationship grow.  The bridge can be built in seconds, or it can take years.  Either way it takes patience and often a lot of tears.

You didn’t wake up one morning and decide that you were going to set out to be a Step Mom, it was a decision that you made out of love.  It is that love that keeps me on my toes everyday.  These boys are the reason that I wake up with a smile on my face.  They are the reason I work a little harder to make the right decisions for our family.  I hope that your mini’s are the lights to your daily path to.  If you follow that path, you are sure to stumble upon a great adventure!

Thank you for your time and reading my blog.  I sincerely appreciate everyone of you.  If you have enjoyed this – pin it to your Pinterest or share it on Facebook.  There are so many Step Moms looking for positive advice – we just need to reach out to them and let them know we are here…

~ Amy Elizabeth

Photo:  This is my Monkey – he is 13 now, here I am guessing about 11.  God I love that little spit fire!

  • MaryAnn Furca Traficant

    Not flesh of my flesh or bone of my bone, but still miraculously my own. Never forget not for one minute, you were not born under my heart but in it.

    • That is beautiful Mary Ann and very true isn’t it. Looking at my mini men and seeing them smile is the best reward for being a Step Mom! Thanks for reading!!!