The Alluring Right FitGoldie Locks had the right attitude.  She knew what she wanted and knew how to get it.  She wanted the one that was just right.  Me too Goldie, me too.

Blue jeans are a great example – they have to be just the right fit.  I don’t like being uncomfortable – ever.  Not in the way that I am feeling inside, or the way that I feel on the outside and the two often coincide.

Blue jeans are the one article of clothing that I try on in the store, I bring everything else home and return if necessary.  Why not jeans? It’s too much work.  You have to carry into the dressing room ten pair in three different brand names to bring home one pair that will give you the elusive perfect fit.  Some, more than I would like, are too tight.  Other times they may be frumpy or loose.  My worst is when you back up to see yourself in the mirror and you swear you hear beep beep beep.  The jeans make you look you should be flying a wide load sign across your tush.  Every new pair you pull up with a little hope, as you slip them off your spirits sink a little closer to the ground.  After trying on a mountain of jeans you will find the ones that are – just right.  When you slip them on your exterior, everything changes on your interior.  The right fit makes you feel sexy, powerful, and confident.

Blue jeans are not the only thing that I have tried on a mountain of to find the one that is just right.  Relationships too.

Every date started with so much promise.  The excitement of something new.  It never seemed to take too long before things would start to fizzle rather than sizzle.  Things would get uncomfortable, or make you feel frumpy.  Soon I was off to try on the next one.

When I met Mr. Magoo and his boys on our first date, I knew that I had found the perfect fit.  Daily my confidence grew because my heart had found its home.

When you are having a  rough day as a Step Mom.  The days that come making you wonder why you landed where you are.  Remember what it felt like when you first arrived into your relationship.  The warmth and comfort that invited you to stay.  The place that made you feel like a woman, an opportunity to be a Step Mother.  It’s that passion for being you we are as Step Mothers we need to cling to.

I am confident you are where you are because you have found the right fit.  Let it fill you with love on the interior and let it shine through your exterior.

Who wants to go jean shopping!

~Amy Elizabeth

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