Will we EVER be able to Run Outside?

Living in Wisconsin has left us in a deep freeze.  No matter what the ground hog has to say, I know Mother Nature will grace us with spring eventually…right???

One way I try to beat the winter blahs is by getting active. In the summer I ran almost daily with my dogs, but once the snow flies Abby and I both refuse to run in the slippery slush.  I convince myself I can afford the break, but the scale is starting to tell me different…So time to get back to work.

The past four days I have gotten back to running (inside).  After day three I jumped on the scale certain that my sweaty efforts had melted 5 pounds – Ummmm…not so much.  Makes me want to shove my head in the freezer and dig a spoon into a pint of ice cream!

The toughest part of sticking to a workout for me is the first two weeks.  I work so hard and nothing really seems to happen.  Same body staring back in the mirror – wobbly bits and all.

Monkey and Mojo love working out – well – for about five minutes, but I will take what I can get.  We giggle and laugh and I hope I am setting a good example for them.  I only have my little men half of the time though, so what should I do to stay motivated?

What do you do to stay motivated?  Care to share your idea’s anyone?

Amy Elizabeth ~