Are you tired of picking up after your kids?  Want to insure they will start doing it?  Well do I have just the thing for you!!!

The Ransom Box

Download your FREE Customizable PDF here!

I love holding my kids accountable for their actions.  I also like lessons that are quickly learned.  “I forgot.” Is a cop out you are no longer going to hear.  Here’s how:


Step 1…

At night, after your little love muffins are all snuggled in tight, you get to go around and pick up all of the stuff they left out and put it in a plastic tote or whatever bin you want to use.

Step 2…

Open the customizable PDF forms.  Type in the chores that you feel are worth the kids getting their individual items back.

Step 3…

Print off the PDF forms.  Cut out the chore slips and the pocket.  Glue the pocket in place.  Put your ransom note up on your bin.

Step 4…

Once the glue on the pocket is dry add the chore slips in.

Step 5…

Break the news to the kids in the morning.

Whala! Your house is much more picked up, extra chores are getting done, or maybe you have a couple of extra bucks for a latte!

If your copy starts to get tired, feel free to come back and print another one!

Simple right?  Print off the sheets and start TODAY!

If it’s working for you, I am sure it will work for your friends.  Share this page link with them so they can have the free download too!

I wonder what other treasures I have hidden on my site…guess you will have to click around and find out!  Including Duty Dollars – the non-aggressive form of discipline for your child!

Thanks for visiting!  Have a spectacular day!