This photo was taken in my office...Love it!

This photo was taken in my office…Love it!

Our imaginations are powerful things.  Since we were little we built a dream life in our minds.  You may have gotten a little sidetracked, maybe your life is totally upside down.  With positive thoughts you can get back on track.

Walk with confidence, dream big, and push yourself to new heights.  The best defense against a negative world is to walk with your head held high.  As Step parents we all need to realize that the best course of action is to not get torn down by our circumstances.  The only person that can really hold you back from having the family life you deserve – is you.  Others may make it difficult, and it may not be exactly as you planned, but you have to make the most of what you have.  You really want to win, do it with a smile on your face.  Those that are dwelling in a negative life will never understand why you are smiling.  No matter how much someone tries to tear you down, focus on the love of your family and keep pushing forward.  The kids will see it, your spouse will see it, and they will smile too.