We are strong and confident, but as a Step Parent we sometimes need someone to help us see a clearer pictureDSC05402 – Someone to peel back the layers of hurt, anger, and resentment.  That person is my father.

Phil started carving in 1993.  On their lunch hour, he and a buddy of his at work, decided to start whittling together.  20 years later he is creating beautiful works of art such as this mountain man.  Unfortunately their factory closed and my father’s carving partner has passed away.  Most people would have given up, but my Dad pushed on and has now earned the title of Master Carver. (Proud of you!)

Once a year, together, we attend a competition for his artwork.  Arriving early we set up.  Un-wrapping each work of art I become inspired to leave a stronger creative impression on this earth.  (Thus the blog!)  As everyone else starts drifting in we sneak out the back door for a quick breakfast at the diner across the street before the show actually starts.

Conversations start at breakfast and roll through the entire rest of the day.  I vent about how unfair it is to be a Step Parent – How helpless you feel and the power that is taken from you in so many ways.  My Dad listens not just with his ears…but his heart.  When my rants start to run out of steam he stops nodding his head and reminds me of a few strong points.  First – that it is a gift to have my boys (including my husband).  Second – I am only as helpless as I allow myself to be.  Third – you need to look from every person’s view point in every situation.  The better you understand the emotion invested by others, the better you can get a grip on your own and how you react.  He encourages to see the events through your children’s, spouses, and bio Mom’s eyes too.

My father is a mountain of love, and his words of wisdom echo through my days.  The more we can set aside our own feelings and tune into others – we all will start navigating the storm better.

Hoping you have your own mountain man…

Amy Elizabeth ~

  • Interestingly enough, I left a post along the same lines as this a few of your blog entries back…. keep it coming Amy! We’re on the same page, but on opposite ends of the spectrum!

    • momome1

      Thanks Jess for your kind words. I love it that you are reading and enjoying this! I am passionate about the family unit – naturally Step Parents because I am one – but also if Bio Moms, children with a step parent, or anyone really can gather some positive light from these posts I am ecstatic!