DSC05951With muscles burning my foot landed on the last stair for the sixth time running up them.  It has begun – I have officially started to workout.

Running – outside – at 5AM – is perfect (I know many people are cringing, but I am an early morning person).  The sun light is just starting to trickle through the trees, the birds are greeting the morning with their song, and the grass is covered with iridescent dew.

Mornings are mine – they allow me to move my feet as fast as my mind races.  Thoughts drift through my head anywhere from “I miss eating cornflakes…I should buy some” to more important things “Are the new meds for Monkey hurting or helping?”  Breathless I reach the end of my journey.  My mind is quite and I am ready to tackle my day.

Taking on a task that you don’t love to do is an awesome thing to demonstrate for your mini’s.  Committing yourself to something difficult on a lot of levels shows them courage, dedication, and tenacity.

I have accepted my own workout challenge – What will you demonstrate for your mini’s today?

~Amy Elizabeth