CrayonsPaint + Crayons = Fun Kid Craft!

I don’t know what the weather is by you, but it is still gray and dismal here in the Midwest…boo…

The kids are busting at the seams to get outside, and quite frankly – I am ready for them to run off a bit of their steam.  We decided to go on a nature hike.  We all get outside and discover what the melted snow left behind.  My mini men for whatever reason love to collect rocks.  Pretty normal looking rocks, nothing special.  So I usually limit them to how many they can slip in their pockets and carry home.


This time I encouraged them to pick up some larger ones for a fun project.  We brought our treasures home, gave them a bath, and left them on a towel to dry for a few days.  Now they are ready for our fun!


I got out our paint supplies.  Covered the table and all of that good stuff.  I enjoy to paint however it frustrates my boys a little.  This project is perfect for the artist and the messy child, just wait and see!


Here I am painting a simple tree.  It really is just a few curly ques.  Nothing difficult – quick saying you can’t do this – you can – you may even surprise yourself just how good you are!


Painting is all done. It works well just to outline something so the kids can color it in.  Think of coloring book pictures.  You wouldn’t have to outline anything really, you could just heat up the rocks and let them do the next step.  Put your rocks in the oven at 250 for around 10 minutes.  No worries – you can’t burn these guys!


An adult should take the rocks out of the oven, one per child at a time so they don’t cool off, and set on a paper toweling or newspaper.  The wax can run off the side of the stone so you want to be sure your surface is protected.  Warn kids that the rocks are warm and should only touch them with the crayon.  Peel back some of the paper on the crayons and touch them to the rock.  They melt…the kids think this part is SO COOL!  Encourage them to mix a few colors – be careful not to do that too much though or it will turn brown.  Let them go crazy!

Finished Painted Rocks

Let them cool and you are all done!  Little pieces of art that you can use as a paperweight, garden decor, or a door stop.  We LOVE to give them away as unexpected treasures to neighbors, friends or strangers.  Just leave a happy little gift next to their mailbox.  You will share a rock and a smile!

~Amy Elizabeth

Hope we have inspired you to be creative!  Or gave you something to do on a rain soaked April day.  I would love to hear what type of designs you came up with – better yet – post a photo!

If you think this was fun – click around and see what other things I have going on in my world!  Have a spectacular day!!!