What does being a “Successful Step Mom” mean to you? My little cursor sat blinking at me waiting for an answer to be typed out, but this question gave me considerable pause.  It isn’t easily summed up in a sentence or two and I think it may change for every one of us.  I often say that perception is reality, but I think when it comes to parenting that statement does not ring true.  All parents think they are really screwing up, but I  also know that most of us are doing a pretty good job.

I guess I measure my success in giggles since my boys are 10 & 13.  I am always the clucking hen constantly giving them correction and direction, but if I can accomplish that and still make them smile – I am a success.  Oh there is no doubt I mess up.  My mind turns into a movie theater at night playing the days blooper real over and over.  I beat myself up knowing I could have done better and promise myself that I will try harder the next day – but that is kind of the secret to the whole thing.  Know in your soul that you will continue to try harder the next day – giving up is not an option.

I don’t go to every PTA meeting, scout meeting, or attend every sporting event.  I do take the time to connect with my family, getting to know their hearts inside and out.  I try to let go of the nit picky little stuff and focus on the bigger picture.  I want to raise good men that will make fantastic husbands and fathers.  When it comes to parenting we all think we are royally screwing it up and the truth is we do make a lot of mistakes.  However if you can feel the love for your family from your  toes to the ends of your hair, I promise you are doing something right.

Thanks for reading….and thanks for being a successful parent.

~ Amy Elizabeth




  • Tracy Wilson

    That’s a good way to think about it… I know better then to give up but somedays I know I’ve thought about throwing in the towel… living states away is difficult but I just gotta stay positive… especially when our connection to her is stronger when I can maintain a positive relationship with her mom… it’s hard but my step daughter is worth it… I love reading your posts.. sometimes its the little faith I need to keep going knowing there are others out there who also think they are screwing it up lol.. thanks again!