Little boy eating a popsicle with quote "You are not managing an inconvenience. You are raising a human being."

Imperfection isn’t a bad word.  Perfection will never be in reach.  Maybe we just need to loosen up a little.

My boys love to eat Popsicles in the summer.  They make me cringe.  The sticky hands, sticky kisses, and the abstract art the they create on my mini men’s clothes, I strongly dislike them.  I see them as a major inconvenience, but I still give them to them because they love them.  I love how their eyes twinkle when the cold hits their tongue.

For as much as I love cleanliness and organization, I think my boys love chaos and disorder.  I swear they are the only children that show up with stains on their shirts, laughing a little too loudly, and leaving a trail of crumbs everywhere they go.   I feel like such a nag chasing after them with do’s and don’ts, yet I sometimes am embarrassed by their behavior and appearance.

Let’s dissect the perfect family.  Everyone would follow all of the rules, they would look pressed and perfect, and conversations would be proper filled with please and thank yous.  That sounds a little boring.  I think the key to positive parenting is to loosen up a little bit.  Of course we need to teach them how to behave at a table that is set with linen napkins, but when they are at a little league game it’s okay for them to just be kids with grass stained knees.  The sooner we accept the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect family, the sooner we will become happy.

I love it when my house is filled with joy.  My little humans laugh and talk loudly.  They are having fun wrestling and being rambunctious little boys.  As a child I grew up in a strict household, I appreciate the rules I have learned.  However I think there needs to be balance between accepting imperfection and drilling into kids heads that they have to be perfect.  If you get too caught up in all of the rules, kids become an inconvenience.  If you accept imperfection and let kids be kids, you will raise a well rounded human beings.

~ Amy Elizabeth

What is something that drives you nuts that your kids do?  I hate sticky.  Sticky hands, counters, I guess I will accept the sticky kisses.  What is your pet peeve?  I would love to hear it so I don’t feel like the only one that has them.

Thanks for reading everyone!  If you have been enjoying yourself here, tell a friend.  Ask them to stop in and read a little.  We all need a leg up once in a while!  Hope your day is spectacular today!