Do What you Love, Love What you DoI LOVE being a Step Mother…LOVE IT!!!

I sure hope you feel the same.

Do you understand, everyday, you are molding a future adult?  You are influencing the impact that they are going to make on this world.  You are creating their inner voice.  You are teaching them how to respect themselves and how to treat others.  You get to take something so fragile and teach it to be strong, resilient.  You are the bricks in their path that lead to their futures.  As Step Mother’s, we have an amazing job.  I do what I love, and I love what I do.

I love the idea that I can make a difference, how exciting is that?  I want to show them them that they are capable of moving mountains and that they should never be afraid to try.  I get to teach them that there is a difference between right and wrong and it is okay to be both.  I can show them that there is a time to stand up and fight, yet sometimes being the stronger person means you bend to another.

Being a Step Mother is a job.  We have signed up for a responsibility that is tremendous.  You have been blessed with the care of a child.  They need adults in their lives that are going to show them unconditional love.  They need adults that are going to listen.  They need adults that are going to show them that even if you don’t like somebody, you can get along with them.  They need adults that are role models for life.

It’s a big job, and some days I feel like I should be fired, but I never give in to failure.  I know I love my little men, and there is no way I could ever fail at that.

Love them, teach them, guide them.  Be a GREAT Step Mother!!!

~Amy Elizabeth

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