Line of beautiful flowers for sale at a market in Amsterdam with quote “The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself, and shine amongst those who never believed she could. Author Unknown

When you are wearing confidence, you are always stunning.

Do you love yourself?  Not necessarily your outside self, what about your inside self?  Your core.  The stuff that makes you unique to the rest of the world.

I didn’t always love myself.  I was lacking in confidence.  I gauged my self worth based on how successful I was.  Like vines I would swing from one unsuccessful relationship to another, never single.  My ideals blew around with the wind.  I was not true to myself, I was trying to be what everyone else was or wanted from me.

One day, a light went off in my dark room.  I don’t know why but a spark went off and nothing has been the same since.  I realized that I wasn’t happy, nor would I ever be happy, until I just figured out what I wanted.  Me.  Not anyone else.  I ended my relationship, bought Abby (my pug) and lived alone for the first time in my life.  I was scared, but it didn’t take long until I felt the solid ground under my feet.  I started to believe in myself and my confidence rocketed.  I began to shine.

The best part of shining is looking in the mirror and seeing a genuine smile looking back.  Sure I need to drop a few pounds, my skin isn’t perfect, and I am never happy with my unruly curly hair, but that isn’t where my smile comes from.  It is my “Yes, you can!” that radiates from my insides.  I love to shine, doing what I do best, amongst those that told me that I never could.  Nothing is more gratifying.

Step Moms, I don’t know who has told you that you can’t, but I am sure you have heard it.  You can’t love those children as much as the birth parents.  Your words, thoughts, and emotions do not count when it comes to your Step Child.  You can’t go on a field trip because Mom does not approve.  Step Moms, I want you to shine.  Simply say, Yes, I can.  Rather than getting wrapped up in the negativity, let it go.  I promise you are going to start to feel amazing in no time.  Love yourself, be yourself, and shine!

~ Amy Elizabeth

This photo was taken in Amsterdam, at a small flower market.

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I would love to hear a “no” that you have overcome.  It could be small or huge, it really does not matter.  I want to hear your success story.  Or maybe you are stuck and you are feeling a little dull.  I, and the readers, would love to hear about it and set you on the path of happiness.