Awaken the soulSomething you love should burn from within, igniting a fire so bright you must reach out and touch it.

Seriously, what do you love?  What do you crave?  What do you desire?  What can you not live without and you must have more of?

I am not talking so much about people that we love.  I want to know your passions.  What is your fabric of life made out of.  Does it come to your mind right away or do you have to ponder that for awhile?

When I ask myself that question so many things burst into my mind.  Art, writing, other peoples smiles, travel, and of course being a great Step Parent.  When I think of these things, it does make my heart burn.  My soul awakens and says lets do this, Yes…you can!  It is the most cherish-able feeling in the world.

Time would be my scapegoat for not developing my passions.  I would have an excuse list that was a mile long, what all had to come before what really made me happy inside.  Life hurdles and complications stood in my way.  I ignored what my soul desired and went about my busy life.

I have a good friend, someone that I can really open up to.  In conversation my creative passions would leach through the everyday stuff.  She finally looked me in the eye and said “Whenever you talk about your creativity or helping others your whole face lights up.  You really need to go in that direction.”  She had to repeat that a few more times before it really sank in.

I found the time.  Within three months I have become a published writer, a blogger, and photographer.  These are things were my happiness really lived.  That happiness makes me a better Mom, Wife, and friend.  I have found my peace of mind simply by investing time in what I wanted to do.  Pushing through the doldrums of life will never ignite your spirit, you are left gray and hollow.

Have you thought of something that ignites a small flame inside of you?  What is it?  Find the time for it, even if you start just by reading about it.  Do something just for you and everyone around you too. If you are truly happy, in your inner core, you will be able to handle what life dishes out to you a lot easier.  Stress is a fun sucker that steals our joy.  If you following your passions, it is amazing how much easier it is to defeat stress.  I think what happens is you start to realize that other peoples negative words, thoughts, and actions don’t really concern you.  Your time is being spent on something that makes you happy, feeling positive, rather than being filled with negative rubbish.  Be happy.  Find inner peace.  Do what you LOVE!

~ Amy Elizabeth

What is it that you love?  If you could find the time in your already over packed schedule, what would you do?  Comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading!  I really appreciate all of you.