DSC05522As a Mom we are busy.  Work, kids, their school stuff, laundry…the list is endless so there is no point in trying to complete it.

Menu planning often seems to get lost.  Then home cooked meals go out the window as well as the quality family time in getting there.  This was a huge frustration to me and I wanted it fixed.  About six months ago I started sitting down and writing out a menu plan for the next upcoming month.  It does take a lot of time up front – but it makes the rest of the month super easy!  You look at your pre-planned menu, put together a grocery list, and you are ready for the up coming week.  I love this so I thought I would share it – what is the point in both of us doing the work!

Many of the recipes are from other blog sites.  If you stop by their pages, please let them know that Momo sent you and that you loved their recipe.

A few quick notes – we have the kids every Wednesday & Thursday and every other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.   These are the days you will find the most kid friendly meals.

Tuesday feature an adult beverage recipe.  Thirsty Thursday is celebrated with a kiddie Cocktail.  Fridays feature desserts.

Next month I think I will throw in Sunday Breakfast too!

I would love your feedback – Which recipes are keepers for you?  What did you change?

Happy Cooking!

Amy Elizabeth