ATLAS TEACHES RESPONSIBILITYYou love your kids.  Your kids love nature.  How about a quick and easy project that will bring you all together and teach responsibility?!?!?

Kids love nature.  Nothing is more entertaining than watching a child explore a pond or lake.  The frogs and fish captivate them for hours.  Wouldn’t it be great to let them have that experience every day?  A Betta tank is a great way to bring the outdoors in without a lot of crazy care or fuss!  If your child has never had the responsibility of a pet before, this would be an awesome way to start!  My two mini men had a great time picking out our newest family member.

Introducing Atlas…

“Ahhh…This bowl is so much more comfortable.  It’s an aqua oasis compared to that plastic dish I used to have to call home!  It feels SO good to get the kinks out of my fins and swim around a bit.  Oh…excuse me, how rude.  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Atlas.  I am a male rose petal Betta fish.”

Atlas is going to be swimming around my blog on the weekends trying to encourage kids to explore the world as well as their backyards.  These posts will be filled with fun for you to share with your kids, family, and friends!

Here are a few quick facts from the Pet Smart website about Betta fish:

  • Betta fish are beautiful and calming to watch.
  • These beauties are curious and will interact with people.
  • They originate from Thailand.
  • Their life span is 2-3 years.
  • A Betta is a tropical fish that lives in fresh water.
  • Male Bettas will fight if kept together, so they like to be alone in a tank.  Females however can cohabitate in a large aquarium.
  • Unlike most tropical fish, Bettas breathe by gulping air from the surface of the water.  This allows them to live in non-aerated bowls and aquariums.

If you talk to the experts at a Pet Smart, they will be able to answer any of your questions, but here are the basic things you would need to purchase for your new family member:

Tank SuppliesSupplies:

  1. A Betta fish tank.  (Rinse to prepare, no soap though please)
  2. Water Conditioner – this removes any chemicals from the water that Betta fish would find harmful.
  3. Gravel – Be sure to rinse with water (no soap) before putting it in your tank.
  4. Something to decorate your friends new home. (Rinse)
  5. Betta fish food.
  6. A heater (While it is not necessary, it is appreciated.  The perfect water temp is 78-82 degrees.  They are tropical after all.  Room temperature could be a little chilly!  A warm fish will be an active fish)
  7. Oh and of course…..the fish!  These fellas come in so many sizes and colors this part takes a while.  We picked Atlas because he is blue and red, like the lines of a map!

Atlas’s Hints & Tips:

  1. “I would suggest setting up the tank and letting everything sit for 24 hours before you introduce your new family member to their home.  This will let the temperature of the water stabilize and the water conditioner to do it’s job.”
  2. “Also, air bubbles are normal.  At first you will see them on everything including the gravel and the walls of the tank.  Eventually they will go away on their own.”
  3. “Feed us once a day.  How much?  A small amount that  will be consumed in about two minutes.  Anything more than that will just make my water cloudy.  We don’t eat the left overs that fall to the bottom of my tank.”
  4. “Please keep your fingers out of the tank water.  You may think your little fingers are clean, but even soap residue from clean hands could harm me and my home.”
  5. “Lastly, please don’t tap on the tank, it really echoes and it’s a little scary!”

Here is a link to Pet Smart.  I love the new National Geographic line of products – you should really go check them out!  They have more than just fish supplies…follow this link to see what other exciting products they have come up with!


 Atlas...Atlas likes his photo being taken, but he swims so much it is hard to get a decent shot.  Please welcome him to our family!













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