“The words of the tongue should have 3 gate keepers: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?”
~ Arabian Proverb

One of my FAVORITE quotes… words to live by!

Sometimes getting a child to talk is like getting water out of a rock and other times you can’t stop the flood. It just seems like we usually want the opposite of what is currently happening.

The worst is when the flood gates do open, it seems to happen at the other house.  Ugh…

Our children are parrots.  They listen to all of the things you don’t think they are, and repeat them.  The biggest problem is that they often don’t have any idea what they are actually saying.  Things are taken out of context, only half of something is repeated, and they may add a tone that you didn’t intend.

Children enjoy getting their parents in trouble too.  Given the opportunity they are going to tattle on you just like they would a sibling.  In a Step Family scenario they get a lot of opportunity.  We had taken the mini men to the community pool and their Mom called.  You would think the first thing out of Mojo’s mouth would have been “We are having so much fun!”. was “It’s really hot and Dad and Momo forgot the sunscreen.”. Yuck…

The reality is we can’t stop all of the repeating, that would require duct tape.  We can’t stop the tattling, that would require a miracle.  We can watch our words and explain that adults make mistakes too.  Knowing that you have a parrot in the house should make you live by the Arabian quote much more strongly – and it will make you live a happier life all together.

Speak the truth.  Be kind in your actions and words.  Don’t speak just to fill the air.  Set an example for your children and everyone else around you.

~Amy Elizabeth