Who is Shirley?

Who is Shirley?

Tonight we celebrated as a family…

We were fortunate enough to have one last meal at a local watering hole that is moving to a new location, closing tomorrow.  It was fun to talk with the boys about  the concept out with the old and in with the new opportunities.

Conversations ensued about what would you change about your current self to change into something new.  Pleased with my little men they couldn’t come up with much more than a few past mistakes…

Monkey was anointed with his first Wisconsin fish fry.  Mojo thought he was up to the task of tackling a plate of hot wings rather than mild…and lost.

Overall a great kick off to the Memorial day weekend 🙂

I would like to say THANK YOU to Emily’s restaurant for all of the great times and AWESOME food  – only to be continued at your new location.  Tommy, Nancy, Deb, and the gang…you are the best…see you in a few weeks!
With our love –

The Men & Momo