DSC05482-001Nature is awesome and it can teach us so much.

I planted several clumps of Violas (annual – they will not survive our winter.)  Wait – this is totally off the subject…why do they call these guys Violas?  They look like mini pansies to me…huh.

Ok – back to nature.  As I watch my plants grow I see that they are not perfect, not by our standards anyway.  We tend to like things neat and organized.  We trim our bushes and trees so they appear the way we intend them to.  Nature lets them grow wild and unruly – so which is right?  These Violas do not grow the way I would place them in a vase, but they are beautiful, the way nature intended them to be.

I need to remember this when it comes to Monkey and Mojo.  So often I concern myself with shaping them into perfect little men, but maybe I am wrong.  I need to engage in their silliness.  Tickle them, laugh and play.  I have years ahead of me to correct them in their actions, but the time for me to make bizarre faces in the mirror along theirs is running away faster than I can keep up.  When I need them to listen, they will remember our fun, and respect me enough to pay attention.

Grow wild and have fun!

Amy Elizabeth