“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing YOU can be.”

~ Maya Angelou

I have tried being normal, but it isn’t working out too well for me – I am ready for AMAZING!


I have been taking a pause from writing since we have come back from Australia.  The trip was amazing, kangaroo petting zoos, meat pies, and a place that is filled with more beautiful men than women that speak with a dreamy accent.  That all aside, what moved me the most was being basically cut off from the US for most communication (it is a 7 hour time difference – and yes the toilets do swirl the opposite direction).  Our phones stopped singing and buzzing allowing us to open our eyes again to the every day beauty that surrounds us. Mr. Magoo and I reconnected deeper than ever before, sharing laughs, dreams and reflections.  Once home I wanted to figure out how to keep that going, to figure out how our family could keep growing in the right direction. I also realized that there was so much more to me that I want to explore and share!


Yes – I am a Step Mom.  Yes – I have a deep contagious fire burning to acknowledge all of the hard work and efforts that YOU all put forward every day….but there is so much more to me.  Yes – I am VERY blessed to have a positive relationships with my Step Sons and that their Mother and I manage well overall and keep things civil.  That does take a lot of work…and tongue biting…It is those types of things that I want to continue to share with you.  My story and journey so that YOU can comment, share, laugh, and cry right along side of me!


See what happened is I started to read all of these “blog rules” type articles on how to be the best blogger.  How to gain the most readers the fastest.  My passion for writing and rallying all of you together became buried under the business aspects and how many likes each post received.  I would get crabby if you all didn’t comment on my blog page, but you do on Facebook – it was stressing me out.  I started to try to create things that “worked” via social media rules rather than what was burning in my heart.  This process started to become a “JOB” that nobody is even paying me for!


I want you to get to know me and my slightly crazy life.  Between my husband and we have eight businesses.  Our office, and employees, are in our home – although that is going to change.  We flip commercial properties (mainly restaurants) as a hobby because we love doing it – I went to school to be an interior designer. I have been married…3 times (gross – I don’t like that fact)!  I just turned 40 (and I actually prefer it than being 39).  I adore senior citizens and believe they are the biggest untapped resource that this planet has.  Basically – My life tends to be a roller coaster ride.  I am offering you a ticket.  I want you to sit in the front seat with me.  I need your encouragement to let go of the safety bar and just enjoy the ride.


On a whim at grocery shopping with Monkey I bought a dragon fruit because he had never seen one before.  I love showing the kids stuff like this because it is that type of weird family life that they never forget.  As I cut it open I started thinking…Internally, I have always felt like a dragon fruit.  Bold and colorful.  Quirky and unique.  When you cut a dragon fruit open it reveals another whole level of beauty and surprise.  White flesh peppered with black seeds, perfectly placed polka dots.  I have layers and depths that most people don’t know about…but get ready because I am going to start.


How about you? Chances are you are a Step Mom – but what other labels do you think you fit under?  What do most people not know, but maybe you would like them to?  Leave me a comment – Facebook or the blog….Because either way – your reading!!!  Love you all!!!!!


~ Amy Elizabeth


Next post that you LOVE – share it with a friend.  Don’t hoard the good stuff all for yourself 😉