My elliptical machine as it gets dusty waiting for me...

My elliptical machine as it gets dusty waiting for me…

How good of a juggler are you?  Work, kids, laundry, and cooking…oh and make yourself like your husband’s favorite movie star too.

I live a very real life – which means in the priority of things health and beauty concerns often fall to the bottom of the “to do” list.   I sincerely want to work out daily, eat right, and relax in a tub.  I can picture the mud mask and fresh cut cucumbers on my eyes as I sip a glass of wine.  Wake up – Who has the time for all of that?

I detest excuses.  I have to buckle down and get to it.  I will share my journey with you.  I should eat better, exercise more, and drop 10 pounds…now who wants to join me?  I will be setting some goals and attempting to reach them.  What is your health or beauty goal?  I will be your loudest cheerleader if you will be mine?

  • Kevin Zimmer

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