Little girl peeking out of a bunch of Mexican Blankets with quote "Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too."

Happiness, smiling ,and laughter are contagious.  Let’s go spread it around!

Being happy isn’t hard, look at all of the blessings you have around you.  Don’t seek out the things that you THINK are going to make you happy, look at the simple things that already do.

Think of the happiest place you can come up with.  Someplace that you can visit fairly easily.  What do you see?  Is the sun shining or do rainy days make you happy?  What do you hear?  Birds singing, the lapping of water on a shore?  What do you smell?  The aroma of freshly cut grass, or the crisp fresh air.  Think about it, imagine it, dream yourself there right now.

My happy place is sitting on a rock wall.  My feet are dangling, the birds are singing to me yet the rest of the world is silent and still.  My eyes are filled with a field of green with little pops of color from wild flowers mixed through out.

When I feel myself slipping into a glum day, I close my eyes and go hang out on my rock wall.When I think of that place, I smile.  My heart feels lighter, and I am ready to go out and share my happiness.

Today – I am a little blue so I am going to take my rock wall feeling and go spread it around.  With every person that I see smile, my day brightens just a bit more.  You never know how bad a stranger is in need of you today.  I need your smile today, so go take your happiness and infect the world!

~ Amy Elizabeth

P.S. This photo was taken in Mexico – I SO fell in love with this little girl!!!

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Thanks for reading!!!  Have a sunshine filled day!



  • Linda Huenink

    Lake Michigan beach is my happy place. The waves soothe me and the sun warms me.

    • Thanks for sharing Linda. There is nothing better than hearing waves lapping on the shoreline.

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