Happily Ever AfterSome fairy tales never end…

Curious.  How many of you are in your second marriage?  What I mean is how many of you have been married, divorced, and now remarried with children?  My guess would be the majority.

When I got married, the first time, I believed in the fairy tale.  I really thought that a man would be my prince charming.  He would love me, take care of me, and we would never fight.  Our love would be eternal…but then I was forced to wake up.  After my failed marriage I stopped believing in fairy tales and true love stories.  I went as far as not watching chick flicks or reading romance novels.  I thought they were all false advertising.

The magical thing that happened when I gave up on love was that I took the time to discover who I really am.  My strengths, weaknesses, and desires all started to unfold.  Previously I was too busy trying to live a fairy tale, the life I thought I was supposed to live.  I didn’t even really  know who I was.  Without that how could I truly love someone else.  I assumed I knew what would make me happy, but in reality I didn’t have a clue.  After my divorce I stopped trying to be the ideal person, I became who I really was.

Little did I know, through that process, I became the ideal life partner for Mr. Magoo.  When I wasn’t looking, in fact I almost passed him by, I started the first chapter of a lifetime of love.

I had to grow up.  I was young and naive as to what love was all about.  I pushed for marriage.  Growing up in a small town, it was very normal for people to get married right out of high school.  I really thought that if I didn’t go to college that was my next life step.  At the same time I don’t have any regrets.  I know what it is like to have loved and lost.  I discovered that it takes two people to fall in love as well as two people to destroy it.

Now I have discovered that it isn’t too late for happily ever after.  It is the strength of our love as a couple that keeps our family moving forward.  I hope your love in you marriage is strong.  As a Step Mother you have to shield yourself from a lot of negativity that comes from all different directions.  My wish for you is that your man makes the strongest armor ever.  That he protects you, comforts you, and without a doubt loves you until the end of time.

~ Amy Elizabeth

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