SMILEA woman’s true beauty shines through from the inside via her smile.

We work so hard at trying to change so many things about ourselves, we often forget to appreciate what we have.

How many facial creams do you own?  How many body lotions?  How many hair products?  Could you count the number of pieces of various make up items you own?  How much time do you spend working out or feeling guilty that you are not?  How much total money do you have sitting in your bathroom?  How much time did you spend looking for all of those perfect products?  Have you achieved true beauty through them?

Beauty is an investment.  We all need things that make us look good, that make us feel pretty.  We are women, we like that kind of stuff 🙂  However I don’t care how much money you spend on health and beauty aides, if you are not happy, you will never look your best.

Being happy does not require wealth, wild success, or being married to the perfect family.  Being happy is finding beauty in the daily things that are all around you, and being grateful for them.  Happiness is achieved by accepting your today and making tomorrow brighter.  Let go of your worries that you can not fix and feel the weight of them being lifted from you.

Happiness does not have to be sought out, it isn’t something you find outside of yourself.  You have a wealth of it inside.  If you are looking, that is where it can be found.  Start small, focus on things that make you smile.  Buttons, the smell of fresh cut grass, found childhood memories.  The love I hold in my heart for my Step Children.  The warmth I feel when I look at my husband.  These are just a few of the things that make me happy, what are yours?

Happiness can not be taken from you, no matter how hard someone tries, unless you allow them to.  Protect it.  Fight for it.  The things that you hold dear inside, that make a smile spread across your face, that is what you pull out when you are having a bad day.  Your happy positive thoughts will make the bad negative ones melt away.

Beauty isn’t found in a bottle, it is found in the smile on your face.  I hope this message finds you beautiful.

~Amy Elizabeth

Could you do something for me?  Could you focus on smiling today?  It is amazingly contagious.  Watch for the smiles you spread on others faces…

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