Isn’t doing anything with any child about making memories???

I do a lot of crafts/projects with my boys.  It has been a terrific way for us to connect, relate, and build a beautiful relationship.  They enjoy my creative spirit and I tease them about their lack of one.  The things I come up with or create with them will rarely last through the years, but that isn’t what it is about – it is ALL about building the memories.

I search on pinterest to find the perfect projects for us to work on.  Crafts that I can pull off, while looking like a rock star, to a pair of boys ages 10 & 13.  I go to Hobby Lobby to gather all of my supplies and can’t wait to make whatever crafty gizmo with my mini men.  I put so much time and effort into the “thing” that often I don’t see what the boys are the most excited about.

You may not be crafty.  You may not have an artistic bone in your body.  My theory is that none of that really matters.  All your children are looking for is that one on one.  The giggles and laughter that erupt from our epic fails.  Sure a lot of the things we set out to create as masterpieces ultimately do not end up that way, but that isn’t what matters.  Don’t you see what you have created?  Something more beautiful than could ever be hung in any museum.  You created memories.    Not just any memory, but moments that your children will cherish for a lifetime.

This finger guy – something stupid that I did in the middle of baking one day.  All he is made out of is a peanut butter cup wrapper and a sharpie marker face.  Suddenly he was putting on a cooking demo with a terrible french accent for my boys.  They didn’t just laugh, they roared!

Let down your guard.  Find your funny bone and be silly again.  You can make the most beautiful things with your children, they are called memories…

~ Amy Elizabeth

Photo:  Yep – That’s my finger…  🙂

Thank you for reading – as always, you rock.  I hope that I have inspired you to create more than things, but the memories that go with them.