10 to Zen

You have to take care of yourself…before you can take care of others…

If you are a Mom, more than likely you are giving a small piece of yourself to your entire household everyday.  Eventually though, if you just keep pouring your soul into everyone else around you, the day will come when you have nothing left to give.  In order to take care of those that you love most – you must start by taking care of you.

These days we hear a lot about “zen”.  Zen is a form of Buddhism – to be aware of an enlightened state.  Self reflection is key to self enlightenment, being honest with ourselves.  Looking into the mirror can be tough.  We may see things we don’t like such as jealousy, biased opinions, and our deepest fears – but we need to in order to become better.  As much as it stings to face our wrongs, we need to want to be a better person more, so we do it.

For this weeks tip Tuesday, I suggest finding your place to center, to find your zen.  For myself it is my writing office.  I remember when our home was nothing but strings tied to pieces of wood outlining different rooms.  My husband outlined my office and said to the boys “You are never to enter this space without permission.  Never.  You can quietly ask permission, but you never just barge in on Momo’s space.”  Several years later, even if my office door is open, both boys respectfully will ask if I mind if they can come in.  Mr. Magoo knew that I needed a place to retreat to.  A place of my own to reflect and build myself back up.  Okay – a place to escape to when everyone is driving me  CRAZY!

I want you to claim your zen space.  Maybe it’s the bathtub.  Your bedroom closet could even work.  A special comfy blanket to wrap around yourself when you need a little “me” time.  A “place” that others know is private.  Basically your time out if you will.  Your place to breathe and collect yourself, to reflect on letting go, and to laugh at the things you can not change.  Find that place, take care of yourself, and breathe.

~ Amy Elizabeth

Photo:  In Holland – along a popular beach…

I would love to know that you found your zen spot.  Comment and let me know where it is!  As always thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe.  I would hate it if you were missing some of this!!!