IMGP4678The child exchange can become an interesting time for everyone involved.  Intense communication plays out – rolling of the eyes, slamming of  doors, and words exchanged in harsh tones.  People are divorced for a reason – I get it, but when the adults are the ones acting like children, they need to realize that need to grow up.

As a Step-Parent, focus on the kids.   Become fluffy earmuffs and protect them from all of the noise.  Give them a hug, tell them you love ’em, and let them go.

The kids have already seen enough negative garbage leading up to the split and after.  You may think they have been sheltered, but no child goes completely unscathed.   Daily they watch us demonstrate what relationships roles look like and they will repeat them.  Don’t let them repeat our mistakes.

Any communication about school work, schedule, or money can be done on the phone or email.  In person conversations can later be misconstrued or “accidently” forgotten.  Not to mention they can get heated very fast.  Nobody involved needs to be a party to arguments so why even start.  Keep it quick and clean.

We all want to win.  Win the respect of the children and you win forever love and gratitude.  Give in to the negative games and loose everything.  I know it is hard, but together we can stay focused on the positive – the long lasting love of our kids.

Hope you have a fantastic spring day today!

With Love –

Amy Elizabeth