Why fit in when you were born to stand out? ~ Dr. Seuss Qutoe with a photo of a store window with colorful wigsBe unique!  Be different! Be you!

I bought lime green glasses.  That’s right, lime green folks.  Lately I have been having a hard time seeing my computer screen so after chatting with my Doctor, it seems like I need to wear glasses more than contacts.

Mr. Magoo came with me to help pick out my frames.  His choices were far more conservative than mine.  I decided that if I was going to wear some apparatus on my head why try to hide it.  Haven’t you ever seen someone walking down the street with really funky glasses on and been intrigued?  You mind instantly starts chatting “Who is that person?  What do they do?  I want to know more!”  I decided I want to be the person wearing the funky glasses, not the person wondering about her.  By the time we left I picked out two pair, the second were a dark red.

I will admit, I have always beenthree steps outside from the crowd.  Not in the wig wearing piercing way, more in the patent leather shoes retro kind of way.  I have never sacrificed myself to be one of the numbers. It wasn’t always easy, but I love who I am!

I got these behaviors from my father, although if you met him you would never know it.  As a teenager he cruised around in a shiny purple convertible.  That wild hair still shows up today, he was wearing pink way before pink was cool.  Subtly he has always stood out a little, but over time conformed more to the crowd than I do today.

Every person has a story.  I love wondering what lingers inside everyone’s minds, their history and their future goals.  I want to know what their aspirations are and what is holding them back from them.

I know that people don’t break out and do their own thing over the fear of rejection from the crowd, fear of failure.  However what people don’t realize is that if you are not pursuing your dreams, you have already failed.  You are failing yourself.  It is impossible to succeed without trying.  Why is it easier for people to accept defeat and never even try?  That does not make sense in my mind.  There is no way you could argue that failing for lack of trying makes more sense than at least taking a stab at it.

Go out and do something today that is a little bolder than you have done before.  Switch up your coffee flavor.  Take a new route to work.  Talk to a stranger.  Living a bold unique life is not one that is paved with regrets.

~ Amy Elizabeth

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