DIY Mercury Glass VasesI love the look of mercury glass, but often can not afford it…

If you have found yourself in this same boat, maybe this simple project will be able to help you out!

Now, this is my first attempt at doing this after reading several other how to’s on the internet.  I believe in showing my first work so you can see a few of my mistakes and you can learn from them.  Then when you do your project everyone will think you are a rock star!!!

Step 1.  Buy a piece of glass that is wide enough to get your hand into from the thrift store of your choice.  Don’t go big and expensive right out of the gate.  Something inexpensive is great so if you don’t like it – no biggy.  I think this is one of those projects that is practice makes perfect.

Glass Vase sitting on newspaper outside

Step 2.  LIGHTLY mist the inside of your container.  You will see what happens if you use too much water.  I thought I had “misted”, but when you add the spray paint liquid + liquid = runs…

Glass Vase inside misted with water

Step 3.  Lightly spray with spray with the metallic silver spray paint.  Some people you have to use the mirror stuff.  I didn’t and it seemed to work just fine.  (See how it started to run…not the worst but not perfect either.  I like perfect)

Glass vase sprayed with metallic silver spray paint

Step 4.  Dab the inside of the vase with a cotton ball picking up the majority of the water.  My finger is purple from a different project I am also working on…You will see that one a different day!

Interior of the glass vase is spray painted and cotton is being used to dab up the water

Step 5.  Some people stop here and call it done.  I went ahead and kept adding a little depth with gold and a little bit of black spray paint.  You just wisp it in there, not heavy sprays, until you get the effect you love.  Let dry and decorate with artificial flowers.

Let me  know how that works out for you!

~ Amy Elizabeth

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Mercury glass DIY painted vases