Fork & SpoonMeal time is so important…Especially Dinner

Life is rushed.  In our household our feet hit the ground running.  We let the boys heads snuggle into their pillows as long as we can.  Dreamland is such a great vacation and should be enjoyed as long as possible.  They know that once they are up it’s shower, get dressed, and eat.

Breakfast – it’s more of a mandatory thing to do before you brush your teeth.  I usually stay with my minis in the kitchen and ask them what they are the most excited about for the day, but their answers are sleep filled and fall flat of stimulating conversation.

Lunch – again it’s a rush.  I normally shove something in my face as I run errands or just stay at my desk and continue working.  The boys are running around, trading things out of their bag lunches, chatting with friends before they hit the books again.

Dinner – It is the end of the day celebration!  Time that either just Mr. Magoo and I get to meet up and chat about our highs and lows to our days over a glass of wine, or we settle the wiggly kids down with a home cooked meal and quality conversation.

Dinner conversations are the best.  You learn so much about your spouse and children.  I always ask each person what was the highlight of their day, I think this is fairly common…I hope.  The other question I ask is “What is your biggest regret today?” or “What was your epic fail?”  Why you ask?  Because we learn more from our mistakes.  Everyone at the table can learn from each of our mistakes in the day.

It easy to talk about the good stuff, and good stuff should be highlighted for sure.  The things we all want to ignore though is the nagging feeling that we have inside of our guts, the thing we screwed up on.  I want to teach my Step Children that it is okay to make mistakes.  We ALL make them, big people and little people, and it feels good to talk about them, it lifts the weight we are carrying around inside.  I want to encourage the conversation so we can work on problems together, to explain that I have the faith that they are going to make better decisions next time.

My goal is when the day comes that my Step Children have a really big problem or they made a bad decision they will be comfortable talking to us about it.  I want them to know that there is never anything to hide.  No matter what – when their heads hit the pillow again – their trip to dreamland will resume easily and stress free.

~ Amy Elizabeth

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