Step Parents Often Feel A Little Worse For the Wear

Look at this poor little guy…Chanel loved him a bit too much.  I am always picking up the stuffing around the house from her latest victim.

That is how it kinda works though isn’t it.  This poor little frog’s job was just to be loved.  Chanel didn’t realize that she was hurting him…

Sometimes those that are the closest to us hurt us the most without even knowing it.  No matter how strong you are, the smallest comments slice just like paper.  When your spouse lets you know that your jeans are not doing you any favors before going out to dinner.  When your Mother tells you that you look better as a blonde than a brunette after getting back from the salon.  Or when you Step Son tells you how much better their Mother packs lunches.  None of these comments are devastating on their own, and I don’t think they were made to hurt my feelings, but they did.  Now take them all and wrap them up into one day…Yep.  Feeling a little chewed up and spit out.

Don’t let life swallow you whole.  Listen to that little voice inside and turn up the volume on your inner strength.  Find your confidence and wear it like a superman cape.  If you feel like you are sinking into the glum of the day, get in your car and crank your favorite tune.  Paint your nails.  Put your favorite color on.  Take a soak in the tub.  Do something JUST for YOU.

The world is always always always going to keep chewing on you.  It is how you respond that makes the difference.  I never want anything to bring me down.  I am better than that, and so are you.  Let me know what you do to pull yourself back up!

Amy Elizabeth ~